Saturday, 17 May 2014

Eat8bit - Finally a burger joint in Footscray - CBA Friday that wasn't a disaster - Phew!

Ok ... so its finally open - Footscray's first ever burger joint - called Eat8bit (or is it Eat8bit ... answers on a postcard). Forgive me for being slightly out of the loop but I still don't quite know what the pun is. I know that 8bit is of significance to gamers, and is slightly retro, slightly vintage ... am I right? Hence all those Hama Beads concoctions of old school video game figures masking as table numbers. Very cute btw, or is that not what you're meant to say in these postpostpostpost modernist times.

This was 8bit's opening night and they were under the pump! They had run out of a few bits and pieces and couldn't offer everything on the menu by the time we got there. BUT, they told us at the very start that this was the case so we were well and trully forewarned. And during the time we were waiting, they came over at least twice to apologise for the wait and offered a free serve of ice cream on the first, and a drink on the next. Other newly opened eateries should take note.

Slightly dissappointed at not being able to order the Cheese and Bacon Fries or the Onion rings, we opted for Potato Gems instead and a burger each.

M had the Altered Beast - Beef, Bacon, Cheese, Grilled onions, Lettuce, 8BIT sauce, BBQ sauce ($9.50). And I opted for the 8bit with Cheese - Beef, Tomato, Lettuce, Red onion, Pickles, Mustard, Cheese, 8BIT sauce ($8.50)

But first up was the Peanut Butter Milkshake ($6.50) which was ... and I'm going to sound like a middle aged tragic now ... da bomb!!! Not quite a thickshake and therefore not so gut churningly creamy, with the peanut butter flavour oozing through like a nice warm blanket of nostalgia. M really didn't want the drink to end. I only had a couple of slurps as a whole one would have killed my delicate lactose intolerant linings, but I think I would suffer a day's worth of painful bloating for my own serve next time.

When those burgers finally made it out of the kitchen to our little window bench, I'm not sure if its because we were castaway sized hungry, but that first buttery bite was like a heady shot of dopamine and we couldn't speak until we had at least 3 more bites down the gut.

The patty is the right side of fatty, enough to give it that juciy meaty flavour whilst still allowing the other complements to shine through. But I believe its the 8bit sauce that trully delivers. And could be mildly narcotic because I think their burgers can become a little addictive. Sorry waistline, it is what it is.

We're certainly going to be back at the next opportunity. Quite a few things to work our way through on the menu. Top of the list is those onion rings, and then its the After Burner (Beef, Tomato, Red onion, Lettuce, Cheese, Chilli sauce, JalapeƱos, Chipotle mayo - $9.50) and the Golden Axe (Crispy fried chicken, Cheese, Sriracha mayo, Slaw - $9.50) for me.

Oh you are so very very welcome 8bit to the Scray!

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  1. OMG... I'd totally go crazy with snapping away at this place. The dishes are named after games I used to play as a kid!!

    1. Can't wait for your blog post then!! Its a cute place.


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