Thursday, 6 December 2012

Take Five, Dave! Vale Brubeck

Ok ... what is it with band kids and Dave Brubeck's Take Five? I guess its a way to learn everyone's favourite time signature, the old 5/4 (bet the boys from Radiohead know this piece inside out!) And by extension, the old 7/8, and even better, working triplets into a regular beat ... at some point you're just going to have to quit the "counting how many beats in a bar" bitch and just feel the syncopation. And here's a tip for you music kids out there, if you're learning an instrument, but you don't really listen to music, then perhaps its time to ponder one of life's big questions - Why!

So Vale Brubeck! You made counting lessons so much more fun, and you taught me how to take risks with accents and syncopation and attack. (ps Question for you Dave in Jazz heaven, did people used to mistake you for Martin Landau when you were older?)

And here's my favourite Brubeck tune:


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