Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Cold Wave Meditarranean at Gorski and Jones

Ok ... its been a few months since my visit to Gorski and Jones. I think its symptomatic of my foodie malaise that I haven't rushed to the computer and braggingly fashioned a post on how amazing the experience was soon after. But I have kept the photos on my iphone and enthused about G&J's Antipasto plate and the Cured Meat Selection to all my hapless friends. And now, dear readers, its your turn.

The shining light on the Cured Meat selection ($25) is the spreadable calabrian salami - thats the meaty quinelle in the centre of the plate - see photo below. It was delicious ... and spicy! And far outclassed its Serrano ham and sopresso surround.

And have you ever seen such bounty on an Antipasto ($25) dish before? Quail, eggplant, pickled anchovies, fritatta ... oh my. Well worth the price of admission.

For mains there was fish and goat ... all perfectly cooked and flavoured. I can't remember what the exact details were, but I remember being taken by the rusticity of the simple presentation and how flavour combinations were kept simple and unfussed for maximum effect. Both fish and goat were melt in your mouth tender.

For dessert, an inspired Tiramisu (unlike any I have ever tasted) ...

And a pannacota served with baked peaches which were slightly bitter from the char ... heaven.

A lovely new addition to the Smith Street stretch already groaning under the weight of expectation and gastronomic excess. Someone put their foot on the foodbrake please. Law of diminishing returns Peops!

PS - bread is Baker D. Chirico and the headily scented olive oil isn't some exotic Italian Spanish hybrid, but good old Aussie grown!

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