Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Oh Em Gee!! Not another Pulled Pork number ... wait a minute .., this one actually tastes good! Lunch at the Northcote Bakehouse

Ok ... pulled or rillette ... its really just all shredded to me. And Pork still seems to be the new white meat ... and how. But what lifts Northcote Bakehouse's version is that Kasoundi! You can take your picalilli and mustard fruits and put them in a ring with Kasoundi and its a TKO with our South Asian friend the victor on all counts.

Anyhoo, in an effort to fill in the gaps in our conversation, M and me grab at these fleeting moments of serenity much like variations on a theme - the odd sunny day; a drive out to the country; a quick sterling cup of coffee; a long overdue grocery shop ... and our trip to High Street Northcote was no different ... and on Grand Final day no less ... how very un-australian!

Northcote Bakehouse is situated on the smacky end of high street (571 High Street to be precise) ... lots of boarded up broken windows and real estate hoardings ... the Thornbury end in other words (ok I'm just trying to fake some drama here!) ... c'mon this is Northcote/Thornbury!!

Its actually quite an unassuming shop apart from those amazing Volker Haug Wow lights (that we first saw at a Tongue and Groove launch eons ago when we were once cool), and the fact that music comes courtesy of some kick arse speakers, a record player and a Marantz amp.

But these trappings should not overshadow the quality of its coffee, food and baked goods.

As mentioned above, the Pulled Pork bun was delicious with a lovely cummin hit from the Kasoundi, and a generous portion of meat.

M had the Chicken and Avocado toastie on NB's 7 grain sourdough bread. The bread was delicious and the filling spot on.

What I really loved about both of these was the inclusion of french beans in the mix. Now that they're in season, I want them in every sandwhich I have. I will insist.

Even though M is on a diet, we couldn't go past these pistachio and almond biscuits!! They were superb. If I had a whole box of these I would eat them in one sitting.

Time to check things out northside peops!!

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