Monday, 15 October 2012

Common Galaxia - early days yet

Ok ... so the Common Galaxia has been suitably buzzed and fettered. A recent review I read spoke more of its design ethos and its menu on paper, and really didn't give an indication of what the author felt about the quality of the food, and if indeed he or she had more than just a quick cup of coffee.

And thats kinda sorta my attitude to this place. So its the latest addition to a burgeoning suburb blah blah asleep already. Just a little bit of window dressing ... but not necessarily somewhere thats going to seal the deal.

Lets put this down to it being early days yet ... but they need to school their staff a little better. Don't put a word like SMORREBROD in caps on the menu and offer 2 price points without really explaining what it all means and implies.

I took the "double" to mean 2 and I didn't really want 2 of the same thing, I just wanted one. But I didn't realise that one meant something that took 2 bites to completely imbibe ... and I don't have a big mouth.

 Poached chicken, lemon creme fraiche, baby cos & crisp prosciutto

Apart from that the coffee is decent as it should be in this day and age and locality. As for the fit out ... well ... everyone has a fitout these days. Its the service and the food that really matter at the end of the day.

Oh and that common galaxia ... turns out ...  not so yummy after all.

Crispy Common Galaxia w shaved fennel, caper berries, lemon aspen berry mayo & shaved red onion 

PS ... I know she's actually singing "cosma shiva, galaxina" but that's what plays in my head everytime I see and hear Common Galaxia ... see ... just happened again!


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