Sunday, 26 June 2011

A whole new world ... of Salmonella ... CBA Friday at Dumplings and More

Ok, yet another CBA Friday comes around and what better way to end a week of woe but with a hot plate of steaming dumplings to soothe the soul and chase those winter blues away. Why have the hipsters taken to dumplings in such a big way? It can't just be Camy's proximity to the uber cool Section 8 bar? There must be more to it. But as far as dumplings are concerned, if they're good, I care not for setting and place. Give me the dingiest rat infested corner of a laneway and I'll be there, appetite in readiness. As far as Dumplings and more is concerned, setting and place unfortunately were duly noticed!! This is certainly one joint that you will be wiping down the cutlery, and even the table, with the napkins supplied! The dumplings are not super fantastic, but they are passable, its the unusual menu (with quite a few things untranslated) that really gets the gastric juices going.

And don't make the stupid mistake we did by not turning the (yes wipe the menu down too) soggy laminated menu over and missing out on the variety this plain and filthy jane has to offer. I guess I just didn't want to handle that menu more than I had to. But our eyes followed in envy each successive dish that was brought out from the kitchen to other tables. The lamb with Garlic chives, a plate full of maybe chicken strips and tang hoon (glass vermicelli), a whole fried fish ... all looking incredibly delicious.

We had lamb dumplings (15 for $9 - although they're better at 1 plus 1). I'm glad that we didn't choose pork, because the lamb mince was on the pinkish side of raw, and I wouldn't have risked it with pork. There was something lacking in the flacour, but I made a mix of chilli oil, vinegar and soy on a plate which fixed it up perfectly.

As with the dumplings, the lamb skewers at 1 plus 1 have a fuller flavour but we enjoyed the spicy crunch of the cummin seeds that peppered the skewers here.

We also had the Stir fried greens (Bak Choy) with garlic, which was full of that yummy wok hei garlicky flavour, but it was swimming in oil!!

We had Eggplant in Spicy Sichuan sauce ... yummy for the first few mouthfuls, but it did start to cloy, mainly because there was so much of it!! Well too much for just 2 people.

And for carbs, we opted for Fried Rice (ok ... ho hum) that had little cubes of Luncheon Meat (Spam) which provided a comforting notslagic hit for me. And lets face it, went well with all the other dishes ordered.

So in summary, I would recommend this place not so much for the dumplings but for all the other delectations on offer. But bring an extra pack of tissues as you may need it. And ask for extra bowls to collect the additional oil that you might just want to skim off the plate.


  1. Lol'ed thrice here.

    First was your whole concept of CBA fridays.

    And then ---> "Give me the dingiest rat infested corner of a laneway and I'll be there"

    And finally the Hipster ; Camy ; Section 8 trinity.


  2. Lol at your conjugation of Lol!! Amazing!! Glad it gave you a chuckle.


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