Thursday, 9 June 2011

Vale Martin Rushent - the thing that dreams are made of!

Ok ... "run all day, run all night, do or die, do or die" ... how did I miss this. Vale Martin Rushent. And if you say Who? I say, Producer of Human League's Dare of course! And if you say What? I say Captain! And then I say you have some serious musical gaps in your knowldege.

I didn't realise just how many quintessential pop moments Rushent's talents were across from my musical upbringing. And I certainly didn't realise how far back his career stretched ... I mean Shirley Bassey and Curved air?? Wow.

But I guess Dare eclipses it all and well it should. It is the perfect electronic pop album, and everyone else has tried to follow the template with varying degrees of succes. But I somehow feel that they broke the mould after they made it and no one will ever come close.

So here are some of the influential new wave moments (in chronological order) in honour of Martin and his musical genius:


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