Thursday, 26 May 2011


Ok ... I hated Gaga when she graced my little TV screen singing "Just Dance" on So you think you can dance. The furore over her lip synching tantrum on the Morning Show didn't help matters much, and the fact that she seemed to be on high rotation on every fucking music tv show imaginable did not endear me to her pop flossing beats!! (and lets not mention DW drunkenly raving on about bluffin with his muffin).

Then Speechless happened!!! And suddenly I was a convert to Mother Monster!!! Here was the perfect modern pop record stripped back to its basic elements ... full of pathos with a world weary lovelorn attitude this side of every conceivable pop record from the 60s chanson, through 70s folk to 80s sheen AOR.

Born this Way, the first indication of Gaga's proper sophomore, burst on the scene with an amazing video and a Madonna controversy to boot. Judas didn't quite impress, but slowly wormed its way into my subsconscious and I find myself going "Judas Juda-ah-ahs" all through the house. As for the Edge of Glory ... all we need is a sax solo and the imaginary 80s John Hughes soundtrack is complete.

But the final clincher that had me reaching for my credit card with the new album was this gem of an electro number. I give you Lady Gaga's Government Hooker:


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