Thursday, 2 September 2010

Keleroni!! - Revisioned

Ok ... I think the hipsters have been unfairly unkind. Kele's The Boxer is actually not a bad album at all!!!

So it doesn't break new ground in terms of innovation and sound, but like the Bloc Party were tipping the vanguard of a post-punk revival from the 80s, Kele in his solo debut is looking back to the 90s when techno started to creep into the mainstream (lets hold the trance shall we!!).

I think the album sets pace and mood reasonable well. And its a great album cover, self aggrandisement aside ... yeah girlfriend you've been to the gym we can tell!

Anyhoo, the album has finally hit its groove with me ... and its starting to pay dividends quite nicely. Wish  I could hear this loud at a club ... but I'm scared of the little old man syndrome ... so I have to make do with the disco down in my head!


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