Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Avarice!! Thy name is Cutler & Gross

Ok ... why oh why do I have expensive tastes and not the money to indulge!!! Its a curse!! I go into any random store and the only thing I like is burdened by a hefty price tag!! I break out in hives when I walk into a Jay Jay's store ... I can barely negotiate a single arm of Highpoint without having a petite mal of some description (ok I exaggerat! Call it poetic license).

Anyways I was doing my usual lunchtime powerwalk round the city and saw a whole rack of what looked like Isson ripoff sunglasses. Except they weren't  rip-offs but the real deal. (Shouldn't these have been under glass?) In the rack alonside this, there were about 10 or so chunky framed sunnies in black and variants of tortoishell and wood with rounded overtones ... totally now!,  totally sexy! and exactly what I've been looking for.

The sales assistant kindly informs me in an atrocious accent that they are Cutler and (what I initially heard to be Toes) Gross. Cutler and Gross have been in the Optical racket for nigh on 40 years. This English company is known for its quality and sophisticated styling and is much beloved by the likes of Lady GaGa, Posh Spice and a host of other doyens of the fashion elite. And then there's little old me ... and at about $550 a pop, I remain as always the kid outside the candy store looking in.

Any sugar daddies out there wanting to throw some loose change at this not so fresh twinkie??


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