Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Calm before the storm - with a few wriggly worms of panic thrown in

Ok ... tomorrow is THE day!!! Everything changes after that. So before the random sack in the corner of the room starts to move (see The Audition), lets put together some random thoughts to tie us over:
(i) Random # 1 - playing Wii in the office
(ii) The music between us
(iii) loving True Blood - and no I don't play for Team Edward!! I'm not a Twilofreak! But I do love me some hillbilly white trash ass!!
(iv) Dinner at Comme (the old Mietta's) for D's birthday - finally!! - mostly impressive except for the creme brulee - erm how the hell do you fuck this up? The candied crust was perfect but it was just like pouring cream underneath - WRONG!!
(v) Listens - DM Stith's Heavy Ghost, Maccabees, Imelda May, Blue Roses
"bottle top
glottal stop
Waiting for the penny drop"
(vi) Films - saw There will be Blood, good movie, great soundtrack ... but what is the point of this movie?
(vii) Welcome spring - handing out bits of rosemary in a little plakky bag at Melbourne Central - looking suspiciously like someone's stash (back in the day .. hey hey) ... waiting for the letters to the Age!!
(viii) Is Chicago really looking tired? Gina ... I was very dissappointed
(ix) Are we really this lazy?
(x) Damian and Patricia go bush!!
Mood = nervous



dan cope wrote:
IS this your idea of free range?
2 Sept
dan cope wrote:
hello. DId i mention i love my tiny tiny food. It makes me smile every day. I have finally posted a large parcel to you and M.
Sent today so should be there in time for parties. LOVE to you both xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
2 Sept


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