Sunday, 31 May 2009

The Pussies are not doing their jobs!!

Ok .. this is wierd!

I was talking to P on the phone in the backyard soaking up some sun when I spied this cute little ball of fluff seemingly suckling on my trackkies!!

Is this a mouse? Its a cute little rodent whatever it is.

It certainly wasn't budging and we could get as close to it as we wanted to .... until I shifted my trakkies and then it did the most adorable hoppity hop out of the sidegate and cowered near the bins.

It dissappeared altogether soon after that.

I bet kitties would have just given it the side eye, yawn, scratched a non-existent ball and gone back to stretching out in the sun .. hopeless!!



dan cope wrote:

oh boy... Are you taking on more pets?
31 May


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