Wednesday, 20 May 2009

The Lady in Blue

Ok .... finally a half decent album from our screwy little ginger megs - Tori Amos' Abnormally Addicted to Sin.

When I asked J from "you've done it again" about the album she said at least she's not suckling a pig on the cover ... and I said "yeah lets watch them walk out the door!!" Girlfriend still does not have a handle on the excess - brevity is not in this piggie's vocab. Having said that at least this does not irritate in the way that alot of her recent output has. The electronics still err on the side of 6th form experimentals, not too mention the lyrics ... and the chord progressions are very much vintage amos ... but I like this .. the shining lights far outweigh the overbloats ... and I can even forgive the stretched syllables because I am still very much a sucker for that cracked vocal.

Its probably still not going to appeal to everybody, and I doubt it will win her any new fans, but I've stuck with her through the last nine, yes even that Scarlett's Walk tragedy ... and I will continue to defend the covers album and beat down any Moders who harrangue her version of Enjoy the Silence!

Despite all of this, the album is not worthy of a capsule review on this blog ... but there's always a mood in one's life for a Tori song.


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