Saturday, 7 March 2015

Up up and away, in my beautiful balloon

Ok so this nearly landed in front of our house.

We were getting ready for another dreary day at work when we heard an odd whooshing sound outside - couldn't work out if it was a plane, or a car or bike - it had the sound of a motorised vehicle of sorts but we couldn't figure it out.

When you reside off the confluence of 2 busy roads and under flight paths, you tend to block out some of the sudden clicks, bumps and pops that form the aural soundtrack of inner city living.

But this sounded unusual, so we went outside for a steaky beak, and there it was - a big hot air balloon, so low you could just about reach out and shake the hands of its occupants.

Maybe one day I'll make it up there - well if I can drag myself out of bed early enough and find spare cash lying around!


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