Monday, 23 February 2015

Random Bites Part II

Ok time for a few more random bites before we head back into CBA territory again.

First up, we have Zigzag Burgers N Salad! Alright I can see the eye and head roll from here, ... "not another burger joint mum!!!" I hear you cry. And I admit this isn't going to totally blow your mind, but the price points aren't insulting, and the burgers taste good. 

Its right near Fancy Coles so you can do a spot of grocery shopping while you're at it. And they open from 10am till 9pm with ample parking.

As it was my first time here, I went for the plain old basic beef burger ($8) - 100% Black Angus Beef Lettuce Zig Zag Sauce Pickles Tomato Relish, Toasted Sesame Bun.

Nicely charred bun that wasn't too sweet, a decent sized and juicy patty and a deft hand and the pickles and relish serve. All in all a very satisfying morsel.

M went a little fancier and ordered the 12 hour slow cooked Beef brisket instead with Havarti Cheese ($8.50) - you can actually choose between the patty or the brisket for all the available burger options.

The brisket was nicely flavoured if a little on the chewy side. But I prefer a little give anyways, rather than a meaty mush.

The House Cut fries with cheese and bacon ($7.50) was the star. Ok so I have a feeling it was a run of the mill commercially made cheese sauce but you got the right balance of crunchy and soggy on the plate ... unlike a certain other gamely joint closer to the hood!

We'll certainly be going back.

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It was one of those listless weekdays whilst I was still in the throes of unemployment that we took a walk out to the lesser end of Barkly street to sample the wares of Kebab Surra.

We were actually hoping for a street style kebab, all greasy tin foil and dripping garlic sauce. Kebab Surra was in comparison a little more refined. Not that that is a bad thing. In fact the refined flavours were wonderful.

We weren't super hungry and decided to share their Kebab Special, which turned out to be quite a generous serving at $14 a pop!

I really should pay more attention to geography and cultural history. I'd be hard put to tell you where the owners and their traditions come from ... but clearly there is an overlap with the sort of cuisine served at Safari in Ascot Vale ... our wonderful host brought out a lamb broth as an aperitif very similar in make up. 

Our Kebab special arrived a-table full of vibrancy and colour. I'm generally less inclined to feast with the eyes ... to put it plainly ... I want that shit in my mouth before I read the bitch ... you feel me?! But the simple plating (my new obsession) was simply appealing!

Oh and the bread was moreish! Nice and crispy. I could have just kept eating it ... on its own even ... slumped on the couch ... watching some shit reality tv ...

You get alot of bang for your buck, so its worth checking the place out.

Kebab Surra on Urbanspoon

Now we travel way out of the zone to M's hometown, Alexandra. Lets be perfectly honest, you wouldn't necessarily stop over in this town for any longer than to wet the whiskers (what ... too much?) or perhaps to stock up on important supplies like a bag of chips!

But they have sexed up the Alexandra Hotel - now called the Alexandra Hotel & Cafe and its worth a visit. Well only if by a bee dick's of a chance you ever find yourself needing some sustenance in this part of Victoria, then the food is not disgusting and the coffee is more than drinkable. And its a nice spot to chill for a bit ... you could even go a bevvy!! Or two!

You know they're trying their best when the menu even has sliders!!

Finally, speaking of bevvies, we made it to Littlefoot! Oh the build up was exhausting. If you're local and invested, then I won't bore you with the details or the backstory.

Besides which its 11pm and my bed is calling out to me. So let me shorthand it. Its local, it has unusual and yummy cocktails, a reasonable bar menu (not without its missteps mind) and a little stage playing host to a wonderful array of cabaret-esque bands.

So here's how you do it. You join the queue at 8bit and line your stomach with some protein! Then trundle across to Littlefoot for further liquid refreshments and if you are very very lucky, you bump into a local celebrity (*cough* Lauren *cough*) and her Rosamond Pike lookey likey friend J, and have a wonderful night of silly conversation!

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Aah the West, ever evolving, ever surprising!


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