Thursday, 11 December 2014

Little Cafe for a Little Man - Little Man Cafe in Seddon

Ok ... so I've finally transferred most of my photos from camera to hard drive, giving myself a panic attack in the process at how far behind I am in my posts. Still lets codral on and see if we can't reach an even keel by year's end.

So you know how much I love Seddon, and if you don't, well I do ... and would move there in a heartbeat ... being "just" around the corner no longer cuts it I'm afraid.

Ordinarily when somewhere or something new opens in the hood I'm there as soon as I've heard about it! But The Little Man Cafe looked a tad on the clinical and obvious side. Bare brick walls given a coat of white paint, blonde wood tops and pastel coloured accents. Mind you they could have Beci Orpined the shit out of it, but thankfully they exercised some restraint. It felt more like a business opportunity with food as an afterthought. 

So when we eventually ate there it was more a question of geographical and horological convenience on one of those hectic Saturdays. And we were pleasantly surprised at both food and beverage being churned out of the kitchen.

First up I am in love with their water jug! And their salt and pepper shakers for that matter.

What seemed obvious and clinical from the outside was light, relaxed and comfortable on the inside. The coffee is 5 senses and done well. 

I ordered scrambled eggs on toast with bacon on the side. Beautifully fluffy texture, clean flavours, and an interesting touch with a couple of slices of radish, although I could have done without the sprouts!

M went for the Karage Chicken Sandwhich served with a creamy and dramatic layer of purple cabbage. It looked beautiful and tasted great. I can't remember if this was on the regular menu, or if it was a special. But I definitely recommend trying it out if its still available. I do like my fried chicken so I might be a little biased.

All in all, we enjoyed our brunch here and would probably have made repeat visits if not for all the other places to get to in the hood. Have we reached saturation point yet fellow westies?

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