Sunday, 24 February 2013

Random Thoughts 2013 Part Uno

Ok ... so 2 months into the year and what have we got ... quite a lot actually. M celebrated a milestone with catering from Safari Restauarant. (He draws a bigger crowd than I do ... oh!) Our travel bugs are finally back which means yay! pool! And biggest thing of all, we're off to Europe!! Well Barcelona and then quite a bit of Italy. So as you can imagine, the planning has taken up much of my spare time. So let me quickly break some things down for you:

- I dropped my iphone in water (ok I'm fessing up ... it was the toilet bowl) for the second time!! The Shame prevents me from schlepping out to Donnie to "meet a Genius" at the Genius Bar. Besides which they will probably just offer me the same phone at $180, so I've decided to risk all manner of false economies and order an ex-display iPhone 4 online. Only time will tell how wise a choice this was. Fingers crossed. Meanwhile texting has been an absolute nigtmare on the work crackberry! And I miss my music and phone numbers ... thank god for the cloud is all I can say, despite the inherent privacy risks.

- I'm officially over Food Trucks, after sampling White Guy Cooks Thai for the first time in the cutest little park in Seddon ... to all you Seddonites ... I am soooo jealous of where you live! Once the novelty wears off, the food really isn't up to scratch, and doesn't quite warrant all the associated angst of finding out where the damn thing will be on the day, and getting there early before things run out.

- I still get a kick out of paste-ups ... but I won't pretend to understand what it all means

- Garamerica over in South Melbourne is not bad at all! May need a post all of its own ... but here's a taster:

- The congee at Huu Huu Thanh in Footscray market is so so good! A definite must have:

- So is the Macaroni and Cheese over at Woolly Bully in North Melbourne. Just across the street from 'tude central but a world away as far as service is concerned:

- 80s stalwarts crawling out of retro-anonymity and doing relevant work!! Amazing! 2 of the best so far:

- In May, we will be here!! Entry and exit flights and half of the accomodation have been booked. Next up we need to settle whether its a hotel or apartment in Rome, and which Car rental to use (yes we are attempting to drive in Italy!). So, we fly into Barcelona for a few days, then fly to Venice, train to Milan, car round Lake Como down to Cinque Terra and eventually into Florence. Another few days there, then car through the Tuscan region to Rome which is wear we finish off our Meditarranean sojourn. I can't wait!

- I keep garnering subscribers on my YouTube page, which is fantastic. I have to remember to put another video up soon, or I may lose their interest. This video has the highest number of hits so far:

- And I recently discovered this little gem from, wait for it, SINGAPORE!! Who knew that my little hometown that is all about the 3 R's could produce such musical gems like this??!!

- I recently tweeted! But as I have next to zero followers, and don't really have anything interesting to say,  its like a tree falling in a forest, or one hand clapping, oh shit I dunno, insert your own analogy here.

- And I can't really look at our Magnolia Tree anymore, but life, as expected, has moved on. Here's Sascha keeping Finney company:


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