Friday, 3 August 2012

Damon Albarn I want to have your babies!! My Blur Boxset has arrived.

Ok ... I can't remember the last time I have been this excited. And really its just stuff!! But its amazing stuff.

My Blur boxset has arrived! And its a doozy.

All the albums remastered from the original tapes which had to be baked in order to prevent wobbles. In addition there is a slew of extras across 2 Cds, 3 DVDs of live and promotional material and a 7" to boot.

I wouldn't classify myself as an uber Blur fan but I've enjoyed most of their output including the various solo outings (ok maybe not so much Graham ... although he was the most friendly of the lot when I met them many moons ago). And I do love my remasters and am a sucker for packaging.

I think Damon is a genius ... just quietly. I've even warmed to his Dr Dee concept album. I just love the fact that they're so English ... and I am an Anglophile from way back.

But don't misconstrue the tweeness. As a live proposition, Blur Rawwwkkss!!

And has there ever been a cuter video than the one for Coffee and TV? I think not.



  1. How excitment! I want too! It look so so pretty.

    1. Its amazing!! And the remastering is fantastic too. You should get one!!


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