Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Red Hill Pt 2

Ok ... despite illness and the unecessary drama surrounding the little people, I did have a pretty good time on our weekend way at Redhill, very much thanks to our gracious host, the DMs. (but where was the hot water peops??)

m and a gracious host

M was pumped up as usual and made Anzac bikkies that went down a treat ... apparently. Our other contribution was a La Dolce lemon tart which wasn't even consumed in the end.

The H's sprung for Entree with homemade pizzas - prosciutto and rocket - pizza base from scratch. It was yummy as always. We all helped M with the mushroom Risotto .. but I did the stirring so props to me!!

The drink flowed reasonably well and I won $15 at 31 which was a Bonus!!! MH and myself were the only ones outside for a breather and we were silly with drink and tiredness in the end ... imagining the bubbling water tank as a crucial Boomkat release had us in hysterics for some odd reason ... essential listen indeed!!!

If I lose my inhibitions and he didn't have a kid, we could be rock stars!!!

Anyways, the next morning I helpd DK with the brekkie and KH took a turn for the worst so proeedings pretty much ended then and there.

We were thinking of checking out a couple of wineries or so but a little person got in the way, which kind of suited me fine as I DO NOT function without a shower.

So not exactly Apollo Bay, but a resonable time was had by all.


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