Monday, 2 February 2009

Life at the Station

Ok ... so we finally (finally!) made it to the Station Hotel. We were anticipating this way before it opened after hearing about it on the gastro-rumour mill. When it finally did open we popped in for a quick drink to check things out. Then the reviews started flowing in, both in the press and word of mouth from friends.

So I booked a seating in aid of M's bday.

This gastro-pub has a great vibe. Our waitor managed the fine line between efficiency and familiarity. He put us at ease as soon as we sat down at our table.

We decided to do wine by the glass in order to sample different bottles. M started with an Italian Pinot Grigio (Alpha Zeta Pino Grigio, Vento, Italy) and I went Spanish (Basa Verdejo Rueda, Spain). Both excellent whites which went superbly with our shared entree:

Our entree: Marinated ocean trout with spiced avocado, pickled cucumber, horseradish and apples

The spiced avocado mix was superb or to use a well worn kylie kwong adjective, beautiful!!! And the combination of spiced avo, cucumber and steak-grilled bread was out of this world!

True to form, we had already scoped the sweets listing, hence the sharing of an entree. I had my eye on the fish soup, which I will endeavour to try when I'm there next.

We decided to be predictable with our mains and both went for steak.

M had the 300g AMH (QLD) 120 day grain fed Black Angus scotch fillet:

I had the 250g Sher Wagyu (VIC) 450 day grain fed wagyu rostbiff:

As you can see, all steaks come with salad and chips. We both went for the bernaise sauce. And I finally proved a point to myself about Wagyu beef ... it ain't that much better. I preferred M's angus myself. But both steaks were cooked to perfection and the chips and salad were more than perfunctory.

I can't wait to get back there and try out some of the specials, including the fish.

With our mains, we both had a glass each of the Red Edge Degree Shriaz, Heathcote. And to round the evening off M had the Valrhona chocolate cake, poached pears and vanilla ice cream and I orgasmed over the Bread and butter pudding.

I know this review sounds so prosaic, but we really had a great time, giggling, commenting on the rest of the punters, oohing over the food, we left the pub with these inane grins on our faces and with appetites well and truly sated. If you're after a feel good pub meal, its worth the distance!! (or in our case, hardly any distance at all)

Happy Bday M!!!

You can read the John Lethlean review here.


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