Saturday, 20 July 2013

Boat Noodles - Perfect for a Wet Wintry Melbourne Night - CBAs at Soi 38

Ok ... how's these wet Wintry nights hey Melbournians?! Cosy and romantic or just downright cold and inconvenient? I'm managing to keep myself distracted and warming the cockles any chance I get. So it was a no brainer when word of Soi 38's Popup tour of Thai noodles started spreading round food blogger circles.

First up, we've been wanting Andy to give his noodles some kind of permanent fixed address, ever since we sampled his wares at the North Melbourne Spring Fling last year. Sadly this is still a pipe dream, but Andy plans to have more events and we certainly plan to be there each time if we can.

Its a 6 Friday night residency at the Sketch and Tulip in North Melbourne, featuring a different noodle dish each week. Last Friday featured Andy's Boat Noodles, a slightly darker version to the one we had at Spring Fling, but still a wonderfully balanced dish full of rich spice and fresh herb flavours. $5 gets you a reasonably sized bowl of thin pad thai noodles in a rich unctuos dark broth, heavy with 5 spice and redolent of the sweet-salty-sour tennets that form the basis of traditional Thai food. I can't testify to authenticity as I'm no expert, but we loved it so much we went back for seconds.

Another $5 will get you some Thai style Popiah - decent pop piah skins filled with seafood, omelette, lap cheong and bean shoots ... perhaps not as complex as the Nonya version, but delicious nonetheless.

And a final $5 will get you sweets in the form of banana leaf wrapped coconut pudding squares centred by a piece of chestnut ... coconuty, gooey, sweet - perfect!

So if you missed out last Friday, you have another 5 chances - we are looking forward to sampling each one. Oh and bring cash. And cut Andy some slack, you may have to give him a friendly "nudge" if he happens to forget an order.


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