Sunday, 21 October 2012

Rocking the Boat at North Melbourne's Spring Fling

Ok ... what a typical Spring day. Pockets of warm sun, with a cool breeze and the odd sprinkling of rain ... perfect for a Spring Fling ... which is exactly what we had at North Melbourne.

After a morning spent watching M and his workmates pick through the ashes of Billy Hyde in Blackburn, I was perfectly primed for a good bit of nosh.

So we wandered down over to North Melbourne's Spring Fling to hunt down krapow's Soi 38 Boat Noodles stand.

After standing in line for a few minutes, we had 2 plastic re-usable bowls (for those of you who are environmentally concerned) of yummy siam goodness.

Soi 38's version uses thin rice vermicelli served in a heavenly meaty broth topped with pieces of barely cooked beef, a fish ball and garnished with bean shoots, pork crackling, coriander, spring onion and what looked like caramelised onion oil. You had a choice of condiments including fish sauce, chilli powder, green chilli sauce and sugar.

We piled everything on top bar the sugar and stood at the side of road and slurped away, watching the impossibly fit young men perform balletic feats on a piece of rope.

We finished off our repast with a serve of their Dorayaki - 4 little poffertjes style buns filled with a variety of custard flavours. Delicious.

What a way to end an amazing weekend after an absolute fucker of a week. Rawk on North Melbourne, Rawk on!!


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  2. Thanks for coming down and supporting Soi 38! I'm pleased you enjoyed the Boat Noodles and the Dorayaki. And yes you're right, North Melbourne rawks!

    1. You're very welcome andy. Hope your food cart is a great success. Can't wait to have another bowl soon!


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